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Name Pozzo delle Fate Insertion date 2007-01-01 00:00:00 Date updated 2008-01-10 16:00:13
Type of cavity grotta State Italy District 223 City Riccò del Golfo Place Carpena Area Speleological Lama della Spezia Length amount 10 Unevenness -10 Groups Associazione Speleologica Genovese San Giorgio Longitude 09°46'03",3 Est Latitude 44°07'07",6 Nord Altitude 455 m slm Cartography CTR 248060 La Spezia
Geology La grotta si apre nell'area carsica SP 38 Lama di La Spezia. Route of access Going back the asphalted road that it knows them from Codeglia, little before to reach on the credit side lived of Carpena, the left sterrato one is feed sulla. After 300 m. the car in one spiazzo to quota 450 is parked s.l.m. and laughed them, on foot, over the sterrato one, continuing for approximately 80 m. in Castè direction. The trap is opened hardly over a path in disuse. Description The small vertical cavity is deep a ten of meters and finishes with a large earth stopper and is known. Smuovendo these last ones perceives a light attended air circulation In of a future attempt of disostruzione publishes all the catastali data relati to you and the relief, we hope temporary. Interesting colony of Speleomantes and Aracnidi Opiliones. Other,note Tratto dal sito dell'Associazione Speleologica Genovese "San Giorgio", Cart1

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Lat:44.11861111N Lon:9.7675E Datum:WGS84
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